Defining Kutzpah/Chutzpah

In his classic book "Chutzpah" Alan Dershowitz defines kutzpah, however spelt, as "boldness, assertivenes, a willingness to demand what is due, to challenge authority, to raise eyebrows".
In this website we present instances -- and at times with the utmost chutzpah -- brazen non-instances of chutzpah.
May these efforts embolden your approach to the world, and enrich society. There can never be too much chutzpah!

Another Harvard alumnus is Rodney Marks who, in 2007, was 'professor at large' at the University of NSW,

Rodney Marks has had the kutzpah to collaborate in the writing of a comprehensive dictionary of management terms called the contradictionary
Rodney Marks, Professor at large, at the University of nSW in 2007
Rodney Marks, Professor at Large - prowls the University of New South Wales campus during 2007.

Julian Assange and Chutzpah

Julian Assange How should one classify the endeavour known as WikiLeaks
Perhaps one should turn to the period when Julian Assange was a committee member of the Melbourne University Mathematics Society, responsible for the questions that were posed in the (in)famous Mathematics Puzzle Hunt.
In 2006 Team Corridor won this competition, using a most outrageous piece of chutzpah to deliberately mislead a close competing team. The story is told here. What is most significant is that blatant chutzpah was seen by the Committee as wholly within the spirit of the puzzle hunt.
Need I add to the story published in 2006 the fact that Team Corridor won the Puzzle Hunt year after year until the leaders completed their doctorates and departed MU. (Or was it that Assange left MU? )

A Puzzle Hunt isn't it? And is it Chutzpah?

There are nuances to chutzpah. Thus the above has nothing to do with Yossi Melman's claim of Assange's Chutzpah